Silodam is a mixed use building designed by the MVRDV office.

Located in a part of Amsterdam which is meant to be further developed and densified, the project came as one of the first interventions to revitalize the areaThe rest of the area still being progressively developed, the difficulty of being one of the first new projects was to assure its autonomy. 

“How could MVRDV design a building that would wait?”

The decision to make a self-sufficient building with a multiplicity of programs was the successful solution proposed by MVRDV which is accustomed in large scale as well as urban projects. 

The project can be considered a city in itself comprising housing, public spaces, office spaces and commercial spaces. This patchwork of programs also reflects in the facade which adapts depending on the program, creating a three dimensional neighbourhood.  This concept emerged as a response for the instability of the housing market demanding a large variety of typologies as well as increasing individuality.

It is a very interesting example of how different functions can cohabitate in an efficient way in the form of one building. Its autonomy enables it to survive by itself but also adapt to the city’s evolution, making it a building that can wait and endure.