After the second world war the suburbs appeared as a new kind of landscape in the United States. For some, this landscape represents the epitome of the “American Dream”; but for others, its homogeneity creates an alienating and even violent terrain. In looking specifically at its homogeneity, we can understand the suburbs as a force that colonises a territory. As the same system is applied to vastly varying landscapes, there is an attempt to dissolve differences in particular locality while at the same time replacing ‘natural’ nature for a ‘synthetic’ nature.

The following images show a few examples of how this urbanising force deals with the terrain it encounters. The attempt to homogenise the environment is clear, although it may not always be completely successful when challenged with more extreme landscapes. It should also be noted that the search for homogeneity is a purely economic one, born out of the desire to transform land into real-estate at the lowest expense.