Stories from suburbs can give insights of everyday life, taking place in the enclaves that were thought to be the American dream. The street layout often impedes foot and bicycle traffic, making the inhabitants subtracted from reality.

It didn’t take Roseman long to realize the life she’d signed up for was not the one she wanted. She missed being surrounded by people of a wide mix of ages and life stages; most people in her neighborhood were couples in their thirties to fifties raising children. She didn’t realize how much work would go into keeping up the house; her husband spent almost every weekend shoveling snow or taking care of the lawn. And she had no idea how much time she would be spending in her car. (…) “I’m in my car from morning till night,” she said at the time. “My car knows the way to gymnastics.”
Diane Rosemand, Westborough

If we can accept that the suburbs exists, how can we react towards them?

Figures 1 – 6: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Torre Del Lago St. Estero, Cap Coral Florida