IDe-Link’s Manifesto

We are a group of 7 people who knew each other very little before we started the super-studio. During our initial meeting, we talked about themes that are close to our hearts and discovered that we have certain common points but above all several areas of interest of our own. We then decided to use this diversity of opinion and experience to confront our personal ideas and thus enrich our project. Due to the current situation, our communications are exclusively through the internet. The name IDe-link of our group reflects this situation is a group of individuals who share and confront their ideas through the internet in order to find a proposal that represents the cultural and opinion diversity of the mass.


Providenyia, the northern most commercial port in the world has grown to an unprecedented size. The old soviet buildings were not adapted for this sudden growth, so another solution was found. A 2km by 2km adaptable and evolutive platform: AGROTOPIA. The ground floor is reserved for maritime agriculture, artificial agriculture, and food processing. The upper levels for commerce, housing, and other human activities. All levels are vertically connected by activity hot spots; spaces where light is profuse, where activities never stop. They are the beating heart of AGROTOPIA, an evolutive city that grows through time, potentially ever expanding.

PLn=HABITATvariable – Grand Dessein

Ville Verte

The bar system is an agricultural machine which revolves around innovative principles of self-feeding production. The location of the bars allows it to use the potential of nature with a production of agricultural resources on land and aquatic resources.  This system takes into account programmes that concern all stages of a food’s life cycle from production to recycling. This includes indoor production areas dependent on technology such as aquaponics where plants are grown using water, irrigated in closed circuits, from aquariums where fish are bred, or aeroponics. Agriculture, housing and public programs are mixed by the plan libre principles where living together, as a gigantic cluster, is based on an atrium type.

Ville Verte – Grand Dessein