The office is no more. We work anywhere, anytime.

We don’t even think we are working: we don’t really have professions any longer – we just do different things, sometimes alone, sometimes with other we are connected to, through a myriad of mutating platforms and dynamics structures. The flexibility and freedom once limited to executives now applies to more responsibilities such as accounting, bookkeeping, contract writing, and all this work is done wherever one wants to be.

Work is everywhere but in the traditional office

Home has become less home, and the office as type has vanished. With defiant routines and increasingly flexible companies concerning the workspace, it is more and more common that the residence becomes the offices. Advancement in technology triggered the evaporation of the office as a static typology. We are ultra-connected: work has invaded the private sphere. We can be at two place at one time. Workers are no more contained in a box hence the office buildings are getting empty…or are all the spaces becoming offices?

No more workingsphere – House in Kashiwa

What’s the next office then?

The spatial indeterminacy of the free plan is a radical manifestation of how labor power has been put at work by capital. If labor power is characterized by man’s ability to adapt to any situation, and therefore by the total unpredictability of man’s actions and reactions, then the only corresponding spatial form in such unstable conditions is free space: space emptied of any obstruction and ready to accommodate any situation.

Graphic essay on the search for flexibility – Jimenez Lai