The city is perpetually changing, this is a fact, thus its development must take its unpredictability in account.

In various projects such as the Bochum University or the Free University of Berlin Candilis, Josic & Woods have researched various ways of enabling the city’s growth which facilitates the inclusiveness of society’s changing needs.  

By defining a constant: the horizontal circulation through a grid, their system ensures that the growth of the city can stay cohesive even if the needs and organic nature of the city is prone to change through time.

It is interesting to compare Echhard Schulze-Fielitz’s project for the Bochum University. Although the concept of adaptability and change is just as important as in C,J&W’s project, the emphasis is put not in circulation but in a modular adaptation based on industrialisation and minimum expenses

Candilis, Josic & Woods, Bochum University
Echhard Schulze-Fielitz, Bochum University