METAVilla – Mets Ta Vie Là

Collectif EXYZT

An ephemeral structure for the french pavilion at the Architecture Biennal in Venice (2006); “une réflexion sur la machine à habiter”. The framework is modular made of industrial components that provide variety of scaffolding design. The structure is a lively and social installation, with a hotel, kitchen, sauna, where participants lives there during the whole exposition. It’s moreover made for concerts, performances, projections, lectures, discussion,…

“Le pavillon français se transforme en lieu de rencontre et d’échange, où l’architecture est vécue, où le visiteur devient acteur et participant actif, où le lieu devient également laboratoire d’expérimentation et espace convivial.”

Collectif EXYZT is an exchange and multidisciplinary platforms. Their intervention takes place in determined temporalities and territories. Context provides support for the project, which appears as temporary installation. Their adage : “Action, vie, échange”

Ephemeral Housing-Cube

Collectif EXYZT and EASA

An architectural and urban experimentation on a human scale through an ephemeral city. The inhabitants build their own housing-cube made of scaffolding. These prefabricated and modular elements allow creativity, adaptability and mobility through different combinations that results in much more complexe structures than an addition of simple box next to each other. People personalize with fabric, plastic,… their new temporary home. The whole structure changes and redraws the grid. Individual interventions, motivated by social interactions, generate structural modifications on public spaces.

Urban Nomads

Loft Bed and Hopkins house from High-Tech

What about reusing off-the-shelf and cast-off industrial materials and building components to make innovative shelters and units ?

Which potential for scaffolding structure ? A grid made of prefabricated modular elements waiting to be inhabited ? The metal structure providing a possible appropriation and establishment for social communities ?