“Des serres, seulement des serres. Un dédale de kilomètres de serres, toutes en plastique. Une marée blanche qui dévore la côte, engloutit les villes et grignote inexorablement la montagne. Une mer de plastique qui prolonge la Méditerranée et se répand dans toute la province d’Almeria.“

“Viewed from above, the striking geometry of Almeria’s greenhouses resembles a work of science fiction: a sprawling, futuristic farming model of structural symmetry cultivating produce by the metric tonne in a land where water is scarce, the earth scorched and the sun blinding.”

“In reality, what is referred to as Almeria’s economic miracle among Spanish economists is almost exclusively dependant on an invisible, expendable and often illegally employed migrant workers […]”

“At night, he sleeps body-to-body in crowded rooms, like the thousands of other migrant workers crammed into grim encampments like San Isidro dotted throughout the region, without electricity or sanitation.”

“We would like to live in another place, but we don’t have [work] papers – a permit – and we don’t have money to move.”

“Consumers are not aware that we are slaves inside the greenhouse.”