FRAME is an acronym
FRAME sees climate disaster as inevitable
FRAME refuses denial
FRAME refuses inaction
FRAME defends the condition of the metropolis
FRAME makes a thesis and and antithesis
FRAME catalyzes collective memory
FRAME catalyzes metropolitan intensity
FRAME overthrows elitism.

As always during crises, social inequalities, maintained by systemic relations of domination,
are prejudicial to a large part of the population left abandoned to its fate.
In the context of climate crisis and the rising of the sea level that threatening the city of London,
FRAME refuses inaction and denial
and develops two different scenarios, both set in the londonien context.
These are thought to give the city back to its inhabitants and
reverse the dynamics of social segregation and elite domination.

The platform responds to an extreme scenario where the southernmost districts of London as well as the city’s cultural heart are engulfed by water.
The platform, acting like a Noah’s Ark of monuments, crystallizes a new archeology of the city
by protecting the cultural heritage its monuments and the collective memory they emobody.
Composing with private, elitist and inaccessible buildings, the platform gives back the monuments to the citizens,
thus shattering the logics of our modern society.

The Villes Vertes are thought of as fragments of the city outside the city itself
and offer a new home to people threatened by the rising of sea level.
The Villes Vertes hold the intensity of the metropolis within their own verticality
and offer the inhabitants collective, lively and diversified living spaces
in connection to the Thames.