Smalls : Mutant objects of individuality

Bigness : Autonomous and introverted productive capacity

Interface : Instrument of absence of common measure


La Barre or Ville Verte seeks its metropolitan raison d’être in the existing bigness. It is composed of different principles in constructions and programs: winter gardens, housing, circulation, circular economy and vertical agriculture. The circulation is interfacing various levels that include the metropolitan programs related to the bigness. This is what we refer to as «lack of common measure». Because the street has no design, its colossal order rationally structures the building while making it highly flexible – free of ideology.


The Plan Libren offers a platform for the free and undisturbed development of any future bigness on the edge of the current metropolis. The superstructure allows itself to be hollowed out to accommodate variable patios, at the interface between bigness and smallness. On the one side, mechanization takes command. On the other, individual takes care of its environnement. And phases of permanence and evanescence follow one another indefinitely.

Grand dessein de la barre
Grand dessein de la plateforme