Frei OttoDie Stadt von Morgen (Interbau Exhibition Hall in Berlin, 1957)

Frei Otto works were about fundamental structural principles, trying to reach the strongest structure with the minimum of materials and efforts.

Mero-system : the brainchild of Frei Otto. It consisted of a space frame made of 2-metre long Mero-norm tubing, held together at the joints by spherical connectors, which allowed for a roof construction needing few supports, giving the pavilion a light and airy feel. To provide protection from rain and sun, the Mero space frame was covered with a white polyurethane-coated strong cotton fabric. The metal structure is supported by concrete columns grid which produce a flexible space for exhibition, without any walls.

MERO – Günter Günschel and Frei Otto_Ausstellungspavilllon Industriemesse Berlin, 1957

A new potential for modularity

Richard Buckminster Fuller – Geodesic dome – Mero-system

“Cette structure dynamique et autoportante est composée de tubes d’acier cylindrique qui sont assemblés en triangles juxtaposés, eux-mêmes recouverts de plastique. Cette conception a nécessité une infime quantité de matériaux en comparaison aux concepts architecturaux conventionnels de même envergure.”