In which sector do you live? In which neighborhood do you live? On which street do you live? In which building do you live? On which staircase letter do you live? On which level do you live? In which apartment do you live?

Social housing projects in the 20th century have redesigned many major cities, mostly in the east, as a result of a large number of people coming from the countryside to participate in the metropolitan life. Their design and urban organization was direct result of  ideological, political, social as well as economic motives. People moved in their designated boxes, which at the time seamed like a marvel of modern design, with centralized heating, pluming, electrical and sanitary systems. But as the years passed, most neighborhoods have been neglected and the quality of life has degraded as they don’t meet the modern time demands. The sheer amount of blocks that occupy the cityscape unify the look and the spirit of the place. The identity of neighborhoods are more related to the proximity to important points of interest of the city, which directly reflects on the social situation of the people that occupy the space.

Bellow there is a collection of images of neighborhoods and projects of social housing that relate the scale and number of buildings constructed around Europe.