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pont barre is a proposition to unify divided territories. like a bandage, the pont barre connects opposites entities, both physically and spiritually. 

its dimensions allow a new form of metropole to emerge, on a neutral plan libre where everyone has a voice.  pont barre is the platform of conversation of the 21st century. 

the platform is also a place to learn, where everyone is given the opportunity to become a new citizen and acquire new skills. 

while learning, the citizens can temporarily live on the platform and enjoy all the urban and private facilities flourishing on the plan libre.


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vie verte is a tentative to revitalize abandoned areas by bringing life back in a landscape of ruins, where everything can be reused and injected into the new structure of the barres. 

into a patchwork of field, ruins and new constructions, the freshly formed citizens can establish themselves and apply everything they learn in the pont barre to live in self-sufficiency. 

not only the citizens are freed by their knowledge but also by the plan libre. adapted to the dimensions of the barre, continuous slabs rhythmed by the viereendel structure offer a wide surface for life. the surface is organized by diverse elements of the catalogue, creating sur-mesure housing units. 

these living spaces can fully function thanks to the technological wall and column that provide all the necessary connections in term of energy, information, air and water systems. 

n.b: point barre chooses to use irony as a project tool, as a weapon. irony allows to gain some perspective on such ambitious projects, in term of social changes and scale, and avoid to fall into degenerating schemes.