Build at the same level of the existing ground, our platform allows direct connection to the context, a strong mutual exchange, avoiding any kind of vertical separation.

It is the result of the superposition of 4 different layers, representing functions happening inside, which constitute the base of PLn.

  1. Transport

Over the Platform just a soft mobility flow is allowed, pushing underground all the transport system, a common metropolitan’s network that also connect PLn with the city of Damasco.

2. Energy

A massive geothermal system will provide constant energy during the whole year for all PLn, including habitations, work and transport. It will be built under the metropolitan’s network and buildings. The surplus will be devolved to districts adjacent to the platform.

3. Underground Space

In contrast to the bar, all kind of activities that don’t require natural light (but taking advantage of a constant temperature) can find a place in the platform, for example mall and storage . Undergrounds flexibles spaces will be built in between the ground level and the public transport.

4. Technique

The first layer of the platform is reserved to techniques: heat system, electricity, storage and depuration of water. This complex network of pipes allow the operation of bars and the ground floor itself. The intervention take place in a 2x2km area, where the only reservations are made for the green spaces as gardens, agriculture and preservation of existing ruins.


  1. Elevated from the ground

Following the principle of Le Corbusier, the building is supported by high concrete pylons, which elevate the construction by separating it from the ground and humidity. The area now available is used as a garden and incorporates also other functions of the city.

2. Free plan

Made possible by the creation of a skeleton in reinforced concrete that eliminates the function of the masonry that ”enslaved” the floor plan of the building, allowing future users to freely arrange their living cells and leaving also some additional unprogrammed spaces, leaving the freedom to the users to appropriate the building and its spaces according to personal needs or the community that occupies them, and allow it to remain structurally relevant through the present and well into the future.

3. Structural capacity

With a load-bearing capacity 2.5 times the standard, the main structure can accommodate virtually any future programmatic use. The combination of a robust higher structure with a lightweight and transformable structure is central to the building’s ability to respond to future changes in the program, eliminating the need for future demolition. What is now a residence could easily adapt to an altogether different use.

4. Extendable

The actual configuration is composed of three rows of pillars but it is possible to compose a barre starting from a structure composed of two rows of pillars up to n rows, the same adaptability is also possible in height because the structural capacity is higher than the one currently needed, so it will be possible to increase the number of floors up to n floors in case of need.

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