Provideniya was discovered in 1660 by a Russian expedetion. The city started developing in the early 20th century when the Northern Sea Route beginned. A coal depot was constructed there for refueling ships travelling across the Arctic. In 1946, Provideniya was officially established by the URSS. It grew at a constant pace until the fall of the Soviet Union.

As the Arctic ice melts, travelling the Northern Sea Route is slowly becoming the preffered sailing path between the Atlantic Oceand and the Pacific Ocean, through the Berring Strait.

This port of Provideniya is perfectly placed to service the growing fleet of ships. It provides shelter from the sea storms and has deep enough water to welcome freight ships.

We selected this location because of its extreme weather conditions and potential for growth. We will establish two proposals for the development of economical, social, agricultural and natural life in this new metropole of the North.