The boundaries between business and private life are blurring, some choose to work from home while other choose to live in their workplace.

In recent years, companies increased their services to employees to keep them as long as possible: kitchens, nap or play areas, gyms are flourishing through the openspaces. Futhermore, employees are continuously connected to their employer through their smartphones and computers, even when they have returned home.

Float Design Studio, Casper offices, Manhattan

“Ideas can come in the middle of the night and it would be a shame not to be able to get up immediatly, wake up your employees and develop the idea in a minute”

Mehdad Yazdani, Seeping pod designer

Yazdani Studio / Phone Booth / GoSleep, Abu Dhabi airport

Between a hotel capsule and a phone booth, these sleeping pods try to create not only spaces of tranquillity to work but also a semblance of intimacy in the middle of the open space.