the future task is going to be  not only to plan the growth of cities but also to develop new proposals and concepts for dealing with this exodus by protecting the better aspects of cities.

a structure loses its functional capacity in the measure in which its monolithic character increases, both in economy and in the state, in nature and in the urban environnement.

  those zones that deserve to be preserved should be identified, or, at the outside, their characteristics should be underlined and, if incomplete, completed. These enclaves liberated from the anonymity of the city would in their quality of quasi-island, from a green urban archipelago in a natural lagoon.  

 pick out and select those districts of the city that possess clearly identifiable features likely to justify their preservation and accentuation.(…) the second step towards a redevelopment is the completion of fragments to be preserved which in the course of this process must receive their architectural and definitive urban planned form.

in quarters having a high building density the existing bulk of building ought to be diminished through the creation of free spaces, as city parks, public gardens and squares

Recycled Concrete

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