in the PLn=HABITATvariable

In the platform, the principles of circulation are the same as those of the green city, with the difference that in plan the strong mobility takes place on the ends of the platform and that in section, the vertical distributions must follow the offset between floors due to topography.

in the Ville Verte

The circulation In our scenario, hard mobility is used for flows outside the green city. These movements must be fast and substantial and direct through the project as shown in the section, where the flow in light and dark purple lines of the strong mobility of people and goods pass over the bars in a straight path. The modes of transport used for flows to land are large vacuum tubes in which capsules travel. The boat is used for the water flows. To these lines of hard mobility and with the help of vertical distributions located outside the volume of the bars, hangs the soft mobility used to serve the internal flows of the green city. These movements are a little more free but must still remain efficient, in particular for the main flows of people and goods which are therefore organized in a rectilinear manner and are located between the floors of production and markets, shown in the section. in light and dark purple dotted lines. The modes of transport used for the soft mobility of these main flows are the bicycle and other electric two-wheelers for the movement of people and for the movement of goods, the mode is a system of wagons attached to the rails themselves even suspended from the structure.