Cooperation is embedded in our genes, but cannot remain stuck in routine behaviour; it needs to be developed and deepened.”

“(…) modern society is ‘de-skilling’ people in practising cooperation.”

“The social question in the settlement houses thus became twofold: how to encourage cooperation with others who differ, and how to stimulate the desire to associate at all.”

“Ordinary experience, not policy formulas, is what counts (…) in social relations.”

 “Hull House emphasized loose rather than rigid exchanges, and made a virtue of informality.”

The workshop has been since ancient times a model for sustained cooperation.”

Craftsmen who become good at making things develop physical skills which apply to social life. “

“Cooperation is not like a hermetic object, once damaged beyond recovery; as we’ve seen, its sources – both genetic and in early human development- are instead enduring; they admit repair.”

R. Sennett. Together, The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation

Institute Hampton, by Frances Benjamin Johnston
Hull House, Chicago, Taylor street Archives